• KANis is a database-driven, geographical information system.
  • It is built scalable and modular. Focus is on the management of sewer networks, which are visualized vector based.
  • The individual modules build the workflow from capture in the areas of channel data visualization, damages- and propertycadastre, system operation and maintenance.
  • All recorded data is published on a web-based information system. This includes both factual data and geometric information with.
  • The modular design allows for decentralized installation in continuous availability of all current data. The graphic data are in AutoCAD format (DWG) is available.
  • Kanis is in the city of Ulm for years successfully in use. The module KANis-OP was put into operation in 2011.
  • For this purpose, the manager Mr. Potthast:
    »At any Time the employees will see, which channels are to be flushed and with one mouse click the degree of contamination can be tracked out off the office. The vehicles are used as needed and unnecessary flushes omitted. We expect an increase in efficiency of 10%.«