• In a chain of process of a company there are different fields of activities.
  •  The construction process with release beings, part use and a complex data structure is difficulty to build in an ERP system.
  • In addition, the tools for document management are eligible for the illustration of this process are used.
  • The gap between these two systems is closed by CAD2ERP.
  • The data are provided there, where they are needed in the company.


Who benefits from CAD2ERP ?

  • CAD2ERP is the ideal extension for CAD users, who exchange data with an ERP system.
  • CAD2ERP  is suitable for small and medium-companies with order-based production.


So does CAD2ERP works:

  • CAD2ERP is the link between the CAD document management and ERP systems.
  • CAD2ERP is integrated as a plug-in your CAD system and represents all relevant ERP information for the designer directly.
  • Processes can be automated, for example, by assigning part numbers or generating PDF documents.
  • Standard workflows are adapted and optimized by CAD2ERP , e.g. with data transfer from CAD to ERP in the approval process of the construction.
  • Construction related disturbances in the process chain are reportet by CAD2ERP  immediately to the engineering department. Errors caused by manual data synchronization are thus avoided.
  • CAD2ERP  is compatible with commercially available default ERP software.


Functionality: CAD2ERP ?

  • Futher Informations coming soon.